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Waxy CD “Chainsaw Holiday”

Waxy CD “Chainsaw Holiday”

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Waxy CD “Chainsaw Holiday”
2007, self released

It's Over
White Walls
Over Before It Began
Deny Yourself
Tied On Tight
Nothings's Impossible
Remember … Useless
Grab Bag
What We Were
Lost Invisible

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Product Description

“WAXY is a raw and brutal power trio from the desert of Southern California, born and raised. Some people categorize their music as ‘Stoner Rock,’ while some say ‘Riff Rock’ or ‘Heavy Blues’ or even ‘Art Rock.’ But what the music really is, is just good…real good. Fierce and original, you can call it anything you like. The band formed in the winter of 2004 and has been writing and performing ever since. With several different members and tours under their belt, WAXY just keeps on trucking. With any luck they might be trucking through your town one of these days.

Robert Owen is the bands front man. He is the creative catalyst and the bands producer and primary songwriter. Robert sings and plays guitar on everything both live and in the studio.

Charles Pasarell is the bands bass player. Charles is a talented musician and songwriter in his own right. Charles is the youngest of the group with years of experience already under his belt. His smooth style and spot-on timing is the backbone to the WAXY sound.

Sean Landerra is the bands newest member and a welcome one! Sean is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who just drips with talent and ability. His main duty with WAXY is keeping the beat. If you want power, timing and anticipation then Sean is your man on drums. His style and voice has propelled the band to a higher more spiritual level.

Brett Stadler is the bands co-lyricist as well as a published poet. He plays a crucial role in the bands creativity and lyrical content.

Fred Kores is the bands original drummer and most missed member. With a style all his own, Freddie brings fire and guts to any bands rhythm section. He’s a drummer that’s not afraid to take chances and always seems to pull off the impossible.

It’s funny how everything is so circular and how history repeats itself. Popular music is no exception to this cycle. When pop music first began it was all based on the single. Side A and side B. Then the Beatles came along breaking the mold and started making albums. Fast-forward to today and music is becoming based on the single again.

iTunes, ipods and all downloadable music is allowing people to make their own albums or mix tapes. And you know what…more power to them. These are the true music lovers who have been beaten down and are the victims of the music business’ lack of caring and development of talent. Why buy an album when you can just buy or steal the song you’re going to hopefully like for a week? This is the challenge all new bands face today. WAXY has an answer. It’s actually more of a philosophy… make every song great and don’t limit yourself to just one style of songwriting. But it doesn’t stop their… make the artwork and the packaging worth owning as well. Expand out as far as you can and be a complete artist in every way possible. Hence, we’d like to give listeners our version of a mix tape…. but a mix of all our original songs. This why WAXY has become what they are and will continue to be. They’ve been influenced by all the classic rock and pop from the British Invasion to Vintage Country, to the birth of FM radio. The biggest influences being, Beastie Boys, Beck, Sublime, Queens of The Stone Age, Radiohead, Neil Young, Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and Gram Parsons just to name a few. With the birth of their new album Chainsaw Holiday, it’s obvious that this is a career-oriented band worth keeping an eye on. These guys have a lot left to give so keep an open ear out for these guys. They’d like to surprise you.”


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